Avoid These First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

General Wendy Reynolds 16 Jul

As a first-time buyer, I am here to give you some tips on homebuyer mistakes to be on the lookout for so you can avoid them for the best experience possible! Thinking You Don’t Need a Real Estate Agent You might be able to find a house on your own, but there are still many […]

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Changes to the Stress Test and What You Need to Know

General Wendy Reynolds 8 Jul

As you may have heard, the Bank of Canada recently changed the stress test rules as of June 1, 2021. With these changes, now both insured and uninsured mortgage borrowers will be subject to a stricter stress test when qualifying for their mortgage. The new qualifying rate on uninsured mortgages – where the down payment […]

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Building Your Own Home? 5 Things to Consider

General Wendy Reynolds 14 Jun

Building a house is an exciting adventure and the ultimate way to customize your home. To ensure you have the best experience, I have put together 5 important things to know before getting started. 1. It’s All in the Numbers Whether you are shopping for a pre-built home, or are looking to create your own […]

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Mortgage Penalties

General Wendy Reynolds 2 Jun

At the end of the day, a mortgage is a contract between you (the homeowner) and the bank. As such, there are often penalties involved if the contract is ever broken. This is something that every homeowner agrees to when you sign mortgage paperwork, but it can be easy to forget – until you’re paying […]

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Gardening To-Do List

General Wendy Reynolds 11 May

May is a great time to get started on your gardening to-do list. I have put together some helpful tips and ideas for how to get started so your garden shines all summer long! Plant Annuals and Perennials: This is a great time to start planting annuals and perennials in your garden. Some good choices include: […]

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Looking to Upsize Your Home?

General Wendy Reynolds 6 May

According to RE/MAX, one of the biggest trends for Canadian homeowners in 2021 are move-up buyers looking to purchase a home that offers more space for them and their families. In fact, this is true for a whopping 29% of Canadians! Unsurprisingly, this demographic is made up mostly of younger Canadians (under 35) with growing […]

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Feeling lost? These mortgage terms might help

General Wendy Reynolds 28 Apr

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. It’s common for a first-time homebuyer, or even someone who is experienced in the process, to feel overwhelmed when it comes to industry jargon. To help you understand the process and have confidence in your choices, I have put together some […]

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Time for a Mortgage Check-Up!

General Wendy Reynolds 8 Apr

There has never been a better time for your annual mortgage health check-up! By organizing a quick mortgage review each year, it may yield you some fruitful financial savings. Your home loan review this year will examine the most common potential monthly savings opportunities, including high-interest credit card debt or fixed loan payments. Reviewing your […]

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6 Smart Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs

General Wendy Reynolds 31 Mar

In the last decade, climate change and energy efficiency have become top of mind for many Canadians. To making our home as energy efficient as possible, there are so many benefits to being environmentally and energy conscious. If you are looking to cut costs or simply want to reduce your eco footprint, here are some […]

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Spring Cleaning Tips!

General Wendy Reynolds 25 Mar

As the sun starts shining brighter and longer, it is a great time to scrub those windows and deep clean your home! Here are some tips for a successful Spring cleaning adventure: Create a Playlist: Everything is more fun with a great playlist! Not only is music great therapy but it can make the cleaning process […]

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